Standing Up For Landlords' Rights

At Richard A. Abrams Attorney at Law, we protect the rights and interests of landlords in Clayton and throughout St. Louis and surrounding Missouri communities. We understand the day-to-day problems facing landlords, from tenants who fail to pay rent, to concerns over property damage and the legal complexities of evictions.

With more than 35 years of legal experience, Richard Abrams is here to take these burdens off of your hands, so you can focus on owning and managing your properties.

Full-Service Law Firm For Missouri Landlords

We represent residential and commercial landlords in a broad range of legal matters, including:

  • Recovering possession from existing tenants
  • Breach of lease claims
  • Collections
  • Unlawful detainers

Attorney Richard Abrams frequently lectures on landlord rights issues. He has served as a panelist in the fair-housing program conducted by the St. Louis office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He has also had a regular monthly column in The Real Estate Manager, a local newspaper for property managers and owners.

Talk To A Lawyer Who Understands Your Business

If you are a landlord struggling with nonpaying tenants or any other potentially costly legal problem, we are here to help. We can guide you through the complex legal terrain of landlord-tenant disputes, working to help you achieve your goals while remaining in compliance with the complex state, federal and municipal laws that govern your business.

To schedule your initial consultation with an experienced landlord rights attorney, contact us today online or by telephone at 314-828-2305.